Mourning the loss of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

George Gelber OBE with HM Queen Elizabeth II

On the 8th September 2022 Buckingham Palace announced the sad news that Her Majesty The Queen has passed away at the age of 96.

"When life seems hard, the courageous do not lie down and accept defeat; instead, they are all the more determined to struggle for a better future."
The Queen’s Christmas Broadcast in 2008.

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‘My wonderful best of best friends for the last nearly 70 years’ – in fond memory of Baroness Sally Greengross RIP

Baroness Sally Greengross RIP
“My wonderful best of best friends for the last nearly 70 years, the charismatic and exceptionally gifted Baroness Sally Greengross, great campaigner and advocate for older people. Sally was greatly loved wherever she was... In addition to her own commitments, she always energetically supported my own work on widowhood issues. I am eternally indebted to her for her fantastic friendship, loyalty and wise advice that has kept me going in spite of many obstacles and difficulties. I am inconsolable but also so relieved she has gone to the other shore so peacefully. R.I.P” - Margaret Owen OBE.
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Margaret Owen OBE talks to Voice of Islam on International Widows Day

Margaret Owen interview
Margaret Owen OBE marks International Widows Day with an empassioned interview on Voice of Islam radio. The Drive Time Show reached out to Widows for Peace to speak about the status of widows globally and how we can truly ensure their rights are safeguarded. Voice of Islam is a digital radio station with listeners across the globe focusing on a variety of topics from contemporary, to cultural and current affairs through an Islamic lens - asking how today’s issues can be dealt with on a societal and individual level. On International Widows Day,
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The Right of the Child: The Intersectional Dilemma of Widowed Children

child widows
As the 90th session of the Commission on the Rights of the Child is under way, it is of the utmost importance to reflect on the lack of awareness surrounding the situation of child widows.
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Invisible Widows – coming out of the shadows? #CSW66

out of the shadows
After real concerted pressure from civil society, finally, the word widows appears not once but twice in the Agreed Conclusions of the The sixty-sixth session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW66) in March.
Small steps certainly but nevertheless a change!
Widows for Peace through Democracy (WPD) has helped lead the way to pressure, to prompt and to demand that widows are brought out of the shadows, their voices heard and that they are named so that Member States can no longer play ‘blind’ to some of the most vulnerable women in their countries, communities and families...
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‘UN Resolution on the Situation of Widows is a Milestone!’ – Margaret Owen, OBE

Margaret Owen at CSW63
It is indeed a triumph to see this Resolution adopted by the UN - it makes our 27-year long struggle worthwhile. This Resolution will also give much confidence to our widow NGOs and WPD Partners and help them to better state their case to their governments. This is a positive step forward, though widows still have many mountains to climb to achieve their full human rights and we will continue to do our utmost ensure that the voices of widows of all ages, throughout the world, are heard at the hightest levels.
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The Gendered Impact of Climate Change

Gendred Impact of Climate Change
Widows are faced with a unique situation when it comes to climate change. The experience of gender inequality shared by many women globally combined with the perceived ‘burden’ of widows on society serves to create a constant cycle of exclusion and abuse, not just from widows communities but often their own family too, thus removing any support system that may have been accessible without their widowhood status.
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Putin’s War – Statement by Margaret Owen OBE, Founder & President of Widows for Peace through Democracy

Refugees at Kyiv Station
The tearful goodbyes at the Kyiv station may be farewells for ever for those mothers carrying their children to safety.
The brave Ukrainian men staying behind to defend their country risk not just death, but capture, detention and disappearance into distant gulags.
There will be millions of widows, but also “ half-widows “....
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Solidarity with Ukraine

Ukraine flag
WPD has been shocked beyond words by the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the destruction and death being rained down on innocent people.
The following message has been received from Lyudmyla Porokhnyak, Chair of the National Council of Women of Ukraine, a partner organisation...
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#CSW66 Widows as Environmental Leaders

CSW66 Gender Equality at the Centre of Solutions
CSW 66 parallel event bringing together speakers from Burma, Nepal and Kenya to explore how widows can be and already are sources of empowerment and change in their local communities. And how widows combat the systemic issues increased by environmental change, destruction, conflict and coronavirus.
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Women’s Day: Celebrating Widow Change Makers in Covid-19 Times

Widow graduates in Pap Kado
Widows, male champions and other active citizens became a new face of social and human rights defenders in rural villages in Siaya. With dedication and selflessness, they offered solutions and support systems that was needed when the world closed down...
Let’s break the bias, this International Women’s Day, by celebrating the proximate grass root leaders, like Mildred and Sally - those who otherwise will never be celebrated or documented.
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Creating widowhood – the Myanmar Junta’s Campaign of Terror

In Myanmar, state terror has been unleashed by the Myanmar military (Tatmadaw) which took control of the country on February 1, 2021 in a coup de etat.
Communities such as the Karen, Chin, Rohingya, Mon, Hmong, and Kachin are facing extraordinary problems, because the Tatmadaw mainly targets these groups because of their ethnic and religious identities.
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